Stephanie Korour is a speaker, writer, Mindset & Success Strategist and founder of Breakthrough To Brilliance Method which redefines fulfillment and sincere happiness by focusing on balance, alignment and synergy in all areas of our lifeShe is passionate about empowering and energizing people who are redefining themselves and working towards self-mastery. Stephanie’s highly skillful and multi-faceted approach has come about through years of extensive research and practice in personal development.

FUN FACTS: Stephanie holds a Law Degree with Honors, she is Board Trustee for the Dalai Lama Center, a Director of the Heart-Mind Well-being Foundation and an Appointed Panel Member of an Appeal Tribunal in Canada. She has lived in 6 different cities, 3 different countries and speaks 3 languages fluently. 


Beau·ti·ful /ˈbju·t̬ɪ·fəl / adj. Describes a person who is on the path to self-betterment and unapologetically vibing with their passion and heart’s desires. 

Our work is dedicated to your self-mastery and creating sustainable changes that transform your personal and professional life. Using the Breakthrough To Brilliance Method ™ we elevate these 5 key areas for a fulfilling life: financial, physical, mindset, relationships, spirituality. 


My vision is to positively impact the lives of a million people. I see a future where self-love and self-confidence are more prevalent…and a future where it is “trendy” to be kind and support one another.