Stephanie Korour You're Beautiful The Label
Stephanie Korour You're Beautiful The Label

Empowering you to live passionately


 Stephanie Korour is a speaker, writer, Peak Performance Expert and founder of Breakthrough To Brilliance Method which redefines fulfillment and sincere happiness by focusing on mind-body alignment and synergy in all areas of our lifeShe is passionate about empowering and energizing business owners, executives, athletes and musicians who are redefining themselves and working towards self & business mastery. Stephanie’s highly skillful and multi-faceted approach has come about through years of extensive research and practice in personal development.

FUN FACTS: Stephanie holds a Law Degree with Honors, she is Board Trustee for the Dalai Lama Center, a Director of the Heart-Mind Well-being Foundation an Appointed Panel Member of an Appeal Tribunal in Canada. She has lived in 6 different cities, 3 different countries and speaks 3 languages fluently. 


Beau·ti·ful /ˈbju·t̬ɪ·fəl / adj. Describes a person who is on the path to self-betterment and unapologetically vibing with their passion and heart’s desires. 

I empower badasses to make the changes they want in their life, business & the world, & cope with those they weren’t expecting. Our work is dedicated to self-mastery and empowering you to unlock your next level of performance and full potential. Using the Breakthrough To Brilliance Method ™ we elevate these 5 key areas for a fulfilling life: financial, physical, mindset, relationships, spirituality. 


My vision is to positively impact the lives of a million people. I see a future where self-love and self-confidence are more prevalent and a future where it is “trendy” to be compassionate, kind and supportive of one another.