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Stephanie Korour You're Beautiful The Label

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 For most of us, life often feels like an emotional rollercoaster. Although we know that our emotions influence our results, it can be challenging to keep a positive outlook during difficult situations. Which is why I am thrilled to share the tools that have helped me rise out of difficult times. I’m dedicated to researching and testing out strategies to find the best methods to build self-confidence, divorce our bullshit and find purpose in life. 


Most of the tools are scientifically proven and have all been tested by YOURS TRULY! For a more personalized experience, book a specialized one-on-one consultation.

Life can be busy and at times we can all feel as if we are spread thin, run ragged and full of emotional exhaustion. Our mood and areas of our life can suffer as a result. According to a review published in the December 2005 issue of Psychological Bulletin, which examined studies of over 275,000 people, it was found that the happiest people owe their success, in part, to their optimism and positive outlook. If you find yourself feeling less than the best version of you, know this simple fact: once in a while each one of US can use a lift. This program is designed to support you with that energetic shift. How do you know if you need an emotional boost or a mood lift?

  • Are you struggling with anxiety and stress?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Have you been having a hard time thinking straight? 
  • Are you tired of continually feeling under the weather?
  • Do you feel like you’re lost and can’t find the right path? 
  • Do negative thoughts keep you up at night? 
  • Do you feel uninspired? 
  • Has a lack of creativity clouded your idea of success? 
  • Could you use an emotional pick-me-up?
  • Do you want to feel better––once and for all?
  • Are you ready to bring back the spark that you once had?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then YOU are at the RIGHT place!

How I can help? - I've been studying personal development for over 14 years, and have been working with seasoned professionals in my field who have years of success with this approach.  I have also personally used these tools to overcome depression and anxiety. I know what it takes to become a better version of yourself, and it is my mission to share this knowledge with you.

Three things that have helped me raise my mood:

1) Help Clear Your Mind:

If you find that you can’t stop worrying about your problems. Get a piece of paper and pen and write out these problems. Write every detail so it travels from your brain out onto a simple sheet of paper.

Our minds are incredibly powerful with an uncanny ability to bend time and space. But this is not helpful when we have our problems and worries in there, because our mind has the ability to stretch them, over-exaggerate them and can be unreasonable with them. However, when we write out our problems they are forced to stare us in the face. They are not subject to over-exaggeration and we can see the problem for what it is and we are therefore better able to come up with solutions. 

2) Intentionally Fill Your Mind with Goodness: 

Gratitude Practice: We have heard time and time again that we should be consistently be grateful, and we really should…why do you think we have a holiday dedicated to just that? Yet, did you know that gratitude practice is the quickest way we can lift our mood and raise our vibrations? It is beneficial daily ritual we should all get in the habit of doing. It is important to not only write out what we are grateful for, but to explain why we are thankful and to really anchor in that feeling of gratitude- and to take a moment to really bask in that feeling. We can be grateful for things that have not yet happened in our lives. Just write it out in the present tense as if it is here and now. “I am so happy and grateful now that…”

3) Speak with Intention:

Vocabulary for Self-Empowerment: Get clear on who you are choosing to show up as in the world. If you choose to show up as someone who is responsible, powerful, confident, intelligent, creative, optimistic with excellent memory: Make sure the words you use are in support of this self-image. Replace any limiting vocabulary “I should”, “I need to” with “I choose to”, “I have decided to” and “I want to”. Replace “I am stupid” with “I am intelligent”, “I have poor memory” with “I have excellent memory”. Words hold a lot of power. Through repetition you will shift your paradigms and change your world.



You will gain access to the members portal and receive all the lessons to look over and work through at your own pace. Each lesson will remain available on the portal and may be updated as I discover and create new tools to support you with lifting your mood.



As a free bonus, when you sign up for this course, you will also gain access to scientifically proven list of uplifting music as well as some curated spotify playlist for lifting your mood, a list of meditation recommendations, some extra tricks that you can print out to support you with lifting your mood.

NOTE: This program is not an alternative to medical or psychological assistance. It is meant to serve as a roadmap for anyone who is in desperate need of an effective mood booster. Once you sign up for the program, you can keep referring back to it anytime you are feeling blue.


  • The only purpose of this program is to aid you in uplifting your mood
  • If you consistently act upon the suggestions provided to you by this program, you will feel a positive change in the long run 
  • This program will direct you to the path of positivity and mental peace
  • Its correct use will leave you feeling happy and refreshed 
  • You will be introduced to uplifting your mood through a variety of external and internal techniques, such as meditation exercises and change of environment 
  • You will learn about the importance of adopting healthy rituals in kick-starting your mood for the day


If you keep wondering ‘what your life purpose is’, then there is a strong chance that you could also feel that there is something missing in your life, have general feelings of discontent and that you may not be living to your full potential.

To be truly fulfilled and at peace, it’s critical that you find your passion and life purpose. Without a life purpose to fuel you on your journey towards your goals, you may lack motivation in following through with plans and may feel that you keep sabotaging yourself.

Having a life purpose can even prolong your life expectancy.  According to a report in the February/March 2016 Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, researchers reviewed 10 studies involving over 136,000 people and evaluated the relationship between purpose in life and risk of death or cardiovascular disease. The study found that the risk of death was about 20% lower for people who reported still having a strong sense of purpose. They also had a lower risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Truly it seems that science itself supports finding one’s true purpose.

How do you know if you need support with finding your passion?

  • Have you recently retired from work or have plans to retire soon?
  • Do you dislike your job and/or your workplace?
  • Do you think you belong in a different work environment?
  • Are you having second thoughts about switching careers?
  • Do you feel the work you are doing is unfulfilling?
  • Are you unable to find where your passion lies?
  • Are you stuck in a web of confusion regarding your career path?
  • Do you often find yourself trying to figure out the purpose of your life?
  • Are you settling because you can’t think of what else you could be pursuing?

If you answered YES, to any of the above questions, then this life-changing program is for you!

How can I help? I have spent years feeling bored, unfulfilled, anxious and as if something was missing in my life. I kept pondering “what is my purpose in life?” and “Why am I here?” It took me years of study, research and self-reflection to uncover my true purpose. I tried career counsellors and psychologists, I took personality exams, I hired life coaches, I read mountains of books and interviewed countless professionals. During my search I even ended up going to law school and worked in a law firm for 4 years knowing in the back of my mind that this was not my calling. I understand how frustrating it can be to spend 11 years working at something and be left with the feeling of a lack of fulfillment, as well as the associated fear of the unknown and the confusion, anxiety and stress that goes with not knowing your calling. That is why I created this program. I’ve compiled all my research and included all the tools that helped me find my passion and, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, ‘fulfill the highest, truest expression of myself.’ This doesn’t mean you have to quit your daytime job or change life paths, but is simply meant to give you the peace of mind knowing what sets your heart on fire so you can get clear on that new hobby you want to start in the direction of your dreams and see where that takes you.



You will gain access to the members portal and receive all the lessons to look over and work through at your own pace. Each lesson will remain available on the portal and may be updated as I discover and create new tools to support you with finding your purpose.



As a free bonus, when you sign up for this course, you will also gain access to our recommended reading list, a list of meditation recommendations, some extra tricks that you can print out to support you with finding your purpose.

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  • This powerful program will equip you with tools to help you uncover your passion and find your purpose in life
  • You will discover limiting beliefs that you didn’t even know you had that may be holding you back
  • It aims to unravel your capabilities and make you have faith in them
  • It will support you in leading a purposeful life

No more holding back from reaching your full potential!

Disclaimer: I can only share my personal practices and what has worked for me. These online programs contain everything I know about lifting my mood, building self-confidence, and finding ones’ passion. I enjoy updating them as I learn more on each topic. I believe in the content of these programs. However, I don’t guarantee results. Results may not be typical for all students. Read more...

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