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Stephanie Korour You're Beautiful The Label

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If you keep wondering ‘what your life purpose is’, then there is a strong chance that you could also feel that there is something missing in your life, have general feelings of discontent and that you may not be living to your full potential.

To be truly fulfilled and at peace, it’s critical that you find your passion and life purpose. Without a life purpose to fuel you on your journey towards your goals, you may lack motivation in following through with plans and may feel that you keep sabotaging yourself.

Having a life purpose can even prolong your life expectancy.  According to a report in the February/March 2016 Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, researchers reviewed 10 studies involving over 136,000 people and evaluated the relationship between purpose in life and risk of death or cardiovascular disease. The study found that the risk of death was about 20% lower for people who reported still having a strong sense of purpose. They also had a lower risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Truly it seems that science itself supports finding one’s true purpose.

How do you know if you need support with finding your passion?

  • Have you recently retired from work or have plans to retire soon?
  • Do you dislike your job and/or your workplace?
  • Do you think you belong in a different work environment?
  • Are you having second thoughts about switching careers?
  • Do you feel the work you are doing is unfulfilling?
  • Are you unable to find where your passion lies?
  • Are you stuck in a web of confusion regarding your career path?
  • Do you often find yourself trying to figure out the purpose of your life?
  • Are you settling because you can’t think of what else you could be pursuing?

If you answered YES, to any of the above questions, then this life-changing program is for you!

How can I help? I have spent years feeling bored, unfulfilled, anxious and as if something was missing in my life. I kept pondering “what is my purpose in life?” and “Why am I here?” It took me years of study, research and self-reflection to uncover my true purpose. I tried career counsellors and psychologists, I took personality exams, I hired life coaches, I read mountains of books and interviewed countless professionals. During my search I even ended up going to law school and worked in a law firm for 4 years knowing in the back of my mind that this was not my calling. I understand how frustrating it can be to spend 11 years working at something and be left with the feeling of a lack of fulfillment, as well as the associated fear of the unknown and the confusion, anxiety and stress that goes with not knowing your calling. That is why I created this program. I’ve compiled all my research and included all the tools that helped me find my passion and, in Oprah Winfrey's words, 'fulfill the highest, truest expression of myself.' This doesn’t mean you have to quit your daytime job or change life paths, but is simply meant to give you the peace of mind knowing what sets your heart on fire so you can get clear on that new hobby you want to start in the direction of your dreams and see where that takes you.



You will gain access to the members portal and receive all the lessons to look over and work through at your own pace. Each lesson will remain available on the portal and may be updated as I discover and create new tools to support you with finding your purpose.



As a free bonus, when you sign up for this course, you will also gain access to our recommended reading list, a list of meditation recommendations, some extra tricks that you can print out to support you with finding your purpose.


  • This powerful program will equip you with tools to help you uncover your passion and find your purpose in life
  • You will discover limiting beliefs that you didn’t even know you had that may be holding you back
  • It aims to unravel your capabilities and make you have faith in them
  • It will support you in leading a purposeful life

No more holding back from reaching your full potential!

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