Stephanie Korour You're Beautiful The Label
Stephanie Korour You're Beautiful The Label

Empowering you to live passionately

Cody Lefler


“She is such a great coach, great support system and accountability system. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She truly does care about your success, that is her number one priority …if you’re thinking of working with Stephanie, I cannot give her a high enough review: I would say just do it. I personally am so thankful to have met Stephanie, to work with Stephanie…” 

Nino Aldi

Filmmaker and Producer

“…no one honestly compares to Stephanie… She has… incredible network, she has a great spirit, great energy and she just goes above and beyond stuff you are not even asking for…The results are nothing short of spectacular in my life and you will not regret it…. I absolutely would implore you to work with Stephanie.”

Mike Ryan

Celebrity Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

“I know if you take her program it is going to be a success and if you hire her as a coach she’s going to propel you to the next level. I wholeheartedly stand behind her. I think she is just a dynomite person, a dynamic individual…”

Golnaz Harandi

Business Owner & Blogger

“… if you are looking for somebody to give you the right tools and really help you succeed better in life I would give her 10 thumbs up because she is just so knowledgeable and she really knows what she is doing. I would highly highly recommend her…”

Mariana Barreto

Actor & Business Owner

“[Stephanie]… helped me… build my self-confidence… Working with Stephanie really brought me a lot of clarity.”