Stephanie Korour You're Beautiful The Label
Stephanie Korour You're Beautiful The Label

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This program contains everything I know about building self-confidence. Self-confidence has a direct relationship with our overall well-being. It influences our success, finances, relationships, and happiness. It even influences our position in our careers as well as in society. No one wants to be led by someone who is self-conscious and insecure, so this is a fantastic program for leaders and entrepreneurs. You deserve to have all the faith in the world in your skills and abilities and the motivation to showcase them into the world.

  • This program provides tools which may support you in building confidence so you can step out of your way and achieve your goals
  • It may help you identify and shift any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

Disclaimer: I can only share my personal practices and what has worked for me. These online programs contain everything I know about lifting my mood, building self-confidence, and finding ones’ passion. I enjoy updating them as I learn more on each topic. I believe in the content of these programs. However, I don’t guarantee results. Results may not be typical for all students. Read more...

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